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Super Useless Problem

I have school work, bills and rent to pay, a website to update, animals and children to take care of, and deadlines to meet. So what am I worried about most at this moment?

Which character I should choose as my signature character in “Super Street Fighter IV”. 

Now, a lot of the time, this wouldn’t even be an issue except I bought the game a bit ago and found it under the seat of my car. Since I own it, I must choose. Usually, I choose whoever looks the best or has the best stats, but SSF4 has an abundance of karate guys and those who are not karate guys aren’t enough for me. I mean, Blanka is pretty neat, but his opening and whatnot annoy the heck out of me. Yes, that’s enough to make me not choose him.

So now I am on a quest to find my signature character. It will be long and arduous, no doubt, but I shall persevere. 

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